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Customer Reviews

"Best book ever!"

-Tony, Chandler AZ

Gordie Kesler is a great story teller!

In "Max Espionage Scout," he takes his own interesting past, a number of fellow oil field workers and several shady, dangerous characters and wraps them up into a tale that sent chills down my spine. The story is one that should only be make believe, but its plot is real. 

Danger lurks around every bend in the road - deadly muskegs, huge bears,malicious men and one extremely wicked woman - and Max Cardova must endure and survive all of this in order to accomplish the job he was hired to do and get back home to his beloved wife Carmen in one piece. 

Kesler makes Cardova's journey thrilling and intriguing, a roller-coaster ride from beginning to end. 

Vicky McCray

Montana Rancher and Writer


I read your first book and really enjoyed it, with MAX you have outdone yourself. I hired oil field scouts many years ago and you being one of them. It was a side of the oil exploration business that was always there but not really discussed because we all wanted the first hand information. You have captured that chapter in oil history with your insightful, entertaining and realistic view of scouting ... with an added pinch of mystery, raw emotion and battling of the elements as experienced by true oil field scouts.

Great job and I hope people grab, read and indulge into your book .... Almost like the wild west .... great job.

James P Baker

Oil and Gas Exploration Manager

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