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Gordon  was born in southern Alberta, where he was raised on a ranch. His youth was spent in the outdoors working and riding horses. When he wasn't working, he was with his father, Leonard, hunting and fishing every chance he had.

At the age of eight Gordon entered his first rodeo. Because there were no junior events, he entered the men's cow riding where he competed against much older competitors. This was the beginning of his love for the sport of rodeo and he continues to be active in the sport as a professional rodeo judge, traveling the western United States officiating numerous rodeos each year.

Gordon attended Weber State University in Ogden, Utah on a rodeo scholarship as well as an academic scholarship. He graduated with a BSc degree in Biological Science as well as a teaching certificate.

After graduating, Gordon was unable to find work in his chosen field. With a young family to care for he accepted a job working for an oil well drilling company. The new job took him to several Arctic Islands, where he worked for five years.

While on days off he was presented with the opportunity to become an Oilfield Scout or SPY in the oil industry. Commercial espionage fit perfectly into Gordon's lifestyle.

Being outdoors in the bush for days and weeks on end, spying on drilling operations was exciting and often times dangerous work.

Eventually Gordon started his own company, hiring and training as many as sixteen scouts. His consultants spied on wells from the Gulf Coast to the Northwest Territories.

In the late 70's and early 80's Gordon took an active roll in politics and was elected to the Alberta Legislature.

Today he is active in the oil industry as a directional driller. When not working on a drilling operation, he can be found officiating rodeos across the western U.S.  His latest project is bringing to life the experiences he encountered while spying for twenty years. The life of a spy is brought to life by a character named Max.

Max's escapades can be read about in two novels; the first being Wolverine Hills Espionage Scout and the second is Max Espionage Scout.  

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